A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby

Fiona Cooke

Paperback ISBN - 9781-903360293


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A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby

Practical Wisdom from a Maternity Nurse for Birth to Three Months

Fiona Cooke

From practical advice for the first few days to gentle reassurance for the sleepless nights and upheaval of the first few months, this book aims to help you enjoy your baby and give you all the information you need, just when you need it. The book includes:

  • Step-by-step photographic instructions on bathing, swaddling and more
  • Easy-to-follow routines you can adapt to your lifestyle
  • Practical tips to problem-solve common issues
  • A holistic approach to the whole family


Praise for Fiona Cooke

“A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby is a book that you can quickly grab and find the answers to. Fiona speaks words of wisdom encouraging mother’s to believe in our self and listen to our babies to understand them”

– Amazon Reviewer

‘There seems to be nothing about babies that Fiona doesn’t know!”

– Asia Mackay

“A warmly written and hugely helpful book”

– Abi Elphinstone

“Wise, gentle and empowering”

– Olivia Colman


About the author

Fiona Cooke trained as a midwife but soon realised that caring for babies post-birth, and helping their families, was her calling. A mother of two, she is now a maternity nurse with years of experience with families of all shapes, sizes, cultures and backgrounds, and a roster of glowing client recommendations. Fiona is absolutely passionate about supporting new parents to find their own way to care for their individual babies.