A5 Bookish Notebook


A5 Bookish Notebook


These delightful blank notebooks are our celebration of all things Victoriana! Inspired by the endpapers of our two books The Story of the Orphan Homes and A Friend In Deed which remember our Victorian philanthropist founder Henry Stanley Newman, they’re the perfect place to brainstorm ideas for your next novel, or just to write your shopping list (Henry Stanley was also a proud grocer so we’re sure he’d approve).


Choose from 2 designs:


Yellow illustrated cover


Thoughtful design was Henry Stanley Newman’s speciality when producing books at the Orphans Printing Press, and we’re very fond of the endpapers from this era. This notebook’s cover design is a replica of the endpapers from Memories of Stanley Pumphrey, a biography of Henry Stanley’s best friend, published in 1883. 150 years later, the same endpapers were used in Henry Stanley’s own biography A Friend In Deed, published in 2023. 


Pink illustrated cover


Henry Stanley Newman’s recollections of the first years of the Leominster Orphan Homes were originally published in 1883. As part of our 150th anniversary, we decided to re-publish his work for today’s readers to enjoy in The Story of the Orphan Homes. Some of the children were brought to life through wonderful line illustrations (we think they might be the handiwork of Henry Stanley’s uncle, aptly named Henry) – we loved them so much we decided to fill the endpapers with a selection of our favourites. The cover of this notebook showcases the final product!


Product specification

  • Dimensions: 210 x 148mm
  • 28 blank pages, high quality uncoated paper
  • Designed, printed and bound in Herefordshire