River Rats: Johnson & Wilde Crime Mystery 2

Andy Griffee

Paperback ISBN - 978-1-903360-40-8


River Rats: Johnson & Wilde Crime Mystery 2

Andy Griffee




Jack Johnson is back on the water and in trouble once more, this time in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath.  The second thrilling book in a new canal-based crime series.

“An exciting new crime series, with an intriguing setting and a central character who drew me right into his world from the start” Stephen Booth, author of the acclaimed Cooper & Fry series.

Jack Johnson has a talent for trouble – wherever he goes on his narrowboat, it seems to follow him. Moored up on the River Avon in the beautiful Georgian surroundings of Bath, he’s working at the local paper when a prominent magistrate and heritage campaigner is attacked and drowned. Could it be a serial killer copying the Canal Pusher? Or a biker gang who swore revenge on the magistrate?

Against his wishes, Jack is pulled into the investigation by his ambitious editor who wants the scoop. Jack and his friend, the war widow, Nina, have also been drawn into another struggle. The moorings of a small settled boating community sit alongside a huge former industrial site that property developers want to fill with luxury housing. Nearby residents are enlisted to petition against the boat people, and as the campaign spirals out of control, lives are threatened. Who is helping their enemies?

Another gripping tale of corruption and intrigue from the riverbank, full of dark waters and deadly secrets.


Andy Griffee, who once worked on the Chronicle, is on top form with this pacy murder mystery set against a beautiful backdrop. River Rats is full of local references which will delight Bath residents and other lovers of the city wherever they may be. 

P Diddy

“Griffee’s sense of place is strong and deep and makes for a rich and atmospheric backdrop to this murder mystery”

Mary Picken, Live and Deadly