Before you read any further, please take a good look at our website and the books we have published – the best way to impress us with your non-fiction submission is to understand what we love. 


Our ethos is producing beautiful books with a sense of place. Whether it’s coffee table design-led non-fiction or a beautifully written memoir, we’re interested in hearing from those who are passionate about their specialist subject. We’re not worried about mass-market appeal; it’s the niche interests explained through intricate narrative that we’re interested in most. We strongly believe in the power of a beautifully produced book. Print and design is at the heart of everything we do. It’s our heritage. From creative endpapers and beautiful jackets to gorgeous illustration and typesetting, we take pride in even the smallest details.

If you think your book is a good fit, please send us a synopsis of your book, alongside a short letter introducing yourself. Don’t send us any more material until we’ve expressed interest in your idea.

We’d like to know what kind of book you’re writing – if you were looking for your work in a bookshop, what section would you look in? Who will want to read it? Tell us why you’ve chosen the subject – and why you’re the person to write it! Try to stick to one or two pages in your synopsis; it should be an overview. Focus on what the book will include and how you’ll structure it. We’re a small team, but we aim to respond to you promptly after our submission windows.

If you think you’d be at home here at Orphans Publishing, please send your submission to