May 31, 2019


Buster: Today I’m talking with Lyra, a Labrador cross (but crossed with what, she’s not sure) who helps out in the editorial department.

Lyra, tell me about a typical day in the editor’s office.

 Lyra: No day is ever quite the same, to be honest, depending on what’s happening. The days I like the best are the ones where there’s a really meaty edit for Debbie to get her teeth into – on those mornings, we tend to head out early and get a good run in down by the river. Then I’ll have a snooze while she gets to work. If I’m really lucky it means she’ll be editing on the laptop and my snooze can happen on the sofa next to her. But most days, I do have to put up with rather too much of her sitting at her desk answering emails, looking at illustrations, typing up cover copy or talking on the phone and basically ignoring me. Then I like to hang out in my basket supervising – and snoozing, of course. I do give her a good head nudge now and then to point out it’s time to head to the kitchen for something from the cupboard. It’s important to take screen breaks!

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