July 21, 2021

Diary of a Modern Country Gardener: Extracts from July

This month we thought we’d share some stories from July days in Tamsin Westhorpe’s Diary of a Modern Country Gardener. Here are just a couple of moments that we found particularly hilarious, light-hearted, and relatable. We challenge you to not smile at least once reading through these extracts! No wonder Jules Hudson, presenter of Escape to the Country called it “an enchanting escape in the company of a passionate and endearingly imperfect gardener”!

Wednesday 4th July: “I noticed today that the lettuce in the kitchen garden is flagging, but the tomatoes by the back door are starting to swell. In this heat my legs are also starting to swell – another reason never to wear shorts! Summer is moving at pace.”

Thursday 5th July: “The weather continues to be comparable to that of the Mediterranean. I’m in awe of how the plants are coping. If I stood in the sun, fixed to the spot for a whole day. I would certainly curl up my toes.”

Friday 6th July: “I set to work in my bra and pants to tackle the lawn. Gardening in the countryside with no neighbours allows you to enjoy the garden scantily clad. I’m not one of those sensationalists who garden naked for media attention – I simply do it when it’s too bloody hot!”

Sunday 8th July: “I can hear the slap of a cricket bat hitting a ball: my son is practicing his batting skills in the field…at least a cricket ball causes less damage to my borders than a football!”

Sunday 15th July: “This got me to thinking about what the best things to wear in the summer garden are…Usually I’m wedded to a loose-fitting smock top with three-quarter length arms. Longsleeves are a pain and very short sleeves leave you at risk from sunburn. I’m still struggling with the idea of wearing shorts in the summer (I think you’ve gathered by now that my legs aren’t my best asset):

Thursday 19th July: “My philosophy is to treat weeds like the family pooch – allow them free reign until they get over-excited. You must remain in control at all costs or they’ll run away with you.”

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