The Jesse Tree – Book Bundle


The Jesse Tree – Book Bundle

Looking for something sweet to give a friend or family member? Our book bundle featuring The Jesse Tree is the perfect present for book lovers. It includes:


  • x1 Hardback signed copy of The Jesse Tree
  • x1 Daim bar, a crucial ingredient for Indeedy’s salted caramel brownies recipe (Indeedy is a character in the book)
  • x1 Recipe card – make these delicious brownies yourself!


An evocative, haunting debut YA novel about ancient riddles, Roma gypsies and buried treasure.

Two teenagers. One summer. A murder mystery wrapped in an ancient riddle. The Jesse Tree is a captivating teen novel from a writer with a unique, timeless voice.

‘Now,’ said Summer Locke, ‘you stare me in the eye to the count of one hundred, no blinking allowed, and we shall be kin and I will show you magic.’ Robin used to live in London, in the heart of a city full of life. Now she’s living in the back of beyond in a sleepy rural backwater where nothing happens. Well, apart from the murder at the manor house. Oh, and the mysterious face at the window. And the bikers out for revenge. Robin wants to solve the mystery, and Summer Locke holds the key…

About the Author

Linda Hurcombe was born in Detroit Michigan, North America, and is a proud American, but when introduced to strangers in the present political climate she’s inclined to say she is Canadian. Linda taught English Literature in the USA and the UK, has been a freelance journalist and editor and has raised and treasured two children, Sean and Caitlin. Caitlin died in 1998 aged just nineteen and a charity is established in her memory. Linda has published several works of non-fiction; The Jesse Tree is her first novel. Linda is passionate about young people and the potential of youth, and has remained a spiritual teenager to the present day. Further maturity is highly unlikely.