Averil Douglas Opperman

Although While It Is Yet Day is her first biography, Averil Douglas Opperman is a journalist of wide experience.

She grew up in Dublin in a Quaker family and started her writing career in The Irish Times. As a staff reporter she covered everything from fires and weddings to parliament and the courts and was also appointed equestrian correspondent. She travelled extensively reporting for newspapers, magazines and Ireland’s radio station, RTE.

Since living in England, she has written on various subjects in a freelance capacity and produced an award-winning local history book. A childhood fascination with Elizabeth Fry inspired her to bring the Quaker reformer’s story to a twenty-first century readership.

"When I was a child growing up in a Quaker family in Dublin, my father gave me a copy of Janet Whitney’s book about Elizabeth Fry. Janet’s interpretation of this remarkable woman, combining fact and a little whimsy, has fascinated me ever since."