January 4, 2019

Averil Opperman at Ironbridge Gorge Museums – Friday 4 January 2019

Local author Averil Douglas Opperman will be discussing two inspiring Quaker women, Elizabeth Fry and Deborah Darby, at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum on Friday 4th January. Averil, who published the story of Elizabeth Fry, While it is Yet Day, in 2015, will talk about her Quaker childhood in Dublin which led to her fascination with the Quaker reformer. Elizabeth was in turn influenced by Deborah Darby, another fascinating woman whose brother-in-law Abraham Darby III built the famous iron bridge. At 5.30pm Averil will be leading a special guided tour of the Darby houses (weather permitting) – the talk will start at 7pm. Email laura.simcox@ironbridge.org.uk for more information.